CBD Journey

After a year and a half of using CBD oil to treat acid reflux I can tell you that it had been an absolute success. Two years ago I was not able to even sleep in a bed. I had to sleep in a chair for half year because laying down at all would cause severe bunting. I even had a few times where I aspirated some of the acid and then spent the next half an hour coughing acid out of my lungs. It was a very rough time. Nowadays I sleep just fine in my bed every night and I have slight acid maybe once or twice a month.

When my stomach problems first started I noticed that I could not eat onions, garlic, or fibrous vegetables because they would give me the absolute worst acid. Even if I slept upright there was no escaping the acid reflux they caused. However, now I can eat all of those things. In fact, just a few days ago I had a sandwich for lunch, and I used nearly a third of an onion  with absolutely no acid afterwards. It was a pretty incredible moment for me to be able to enjoy these foods again. It may seem like such a small thing, but even small things like that can make you feel so much more alive. I also couldn’t even have a beer. Alcohol causes muscles to relax so I would feel absolutely horrible if I had a single beer. Now I can have one or two with no problem at all.

this has been a long journey. As I’ve said before, even with as amazing as CBD oil is, it’s not some kind of magic potion. While some of my problems showed immediate improvement, others took months to begin improving. Sometimes it takes some consistency to start getting better. You might ask yourself if you should keep paying for this stuff when you haven’t seen any major improvements. It takes time for the body to heal. The more I continued to take it, the more I began to improve until one day I did not feel like I had to take it in order to feel alright. The road to recovery is not always a short one. So do not get discouraged if it’s been a couple of months and you don’t feel great yet. Maybe your body has a lot of healing to do, or maybe you don’t have as many cb1/cb2 receptors. Your sensitivity to CBD oil will also play a part in how quickly it’s healing abilities are felt.

don’t be afraid to test out different companies. I don’t even remember how many companies I tested out before I found a few companies that I really liked and bought from regularly afterwards. Many companies have produce CBD oils that vary somewhat from other companies. It can also be hard to know if you’re actually getting a good product. So you migh have to test around to find the ones that work well and fit into your price range.

This is all my opinions and experiences. I am not a doctor.

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