How long does it CBD to work?

A question some people might have is how long does it take CBD to work, or how effective is it? The biggest thing to remember here is that CBD works with the body to bring healing. It doesn’t simply treat symptoms. Depending on the severity of the condition it could take several days, perhaps even a week before real changes become noticeable. Sometimes changes will be felt within an hour of taking it. For me, within the first evening I was feeling better than I had in months. While I would consider CBD to have almost magical properties, it is by no means a magic bullet. It takes time to heal from whatever condition has been plaguing you. I was taking CBD oil for 6 months and I was still improving during that entire time. This isn’t something that will bring a full healing overnight. To reverse the damage that has been plaguing you for months or years, true healing can take time. CBD does work wonderfully for pain management. While the body is healing it will lessen the pain. At this point it can be easy to think that you’re all better because your symptoms and pain are dissipating. This happened to me. I stopped taking it and about a week later my acid started up again. It can take several months of taking it every day to actually get better and not just manage the symptoms. At this point, I haven’t used it in nearly 6 months, but I am probably 95% back to my healthy self now. I can feel my body still slowly getting better. The CBD oil signaled what was wrong to my brain, and my body has been working to fix it.

Another topic I’m interested in covering is perhaps other alternative health therapies I’ve tried. I’d like to keep this site mostly dedicated to CBD oil, but as my main goal is to help people get better, I feel like I have some other knowledge and insights to offer.

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  1. Rose

    Wow that is fast relief.I purchased from a health food store.I take 2 tablespoons before bed.It has been over a week.No changes at all.I have Gerd and hiatil hernia.I was not taking it for that health issue.I was taking for body pain,fybromyalgia and arthritis.I also have ulcerative colitis.So tired of pills (prescriptions).I have never increased my pain pill since 2010.NOW….THESE PAST FEW DAYS MY CHEST IS PAINING …BURNING SENSATION TOO.AND MY THROAT AND THE THROAT HURTS MORE AS I LEAN OVER OR FORWARD.GOING FOR AN X-RAY.ITS NOT MY HEART OR SORE THROAT.ANY SUGGESTIONS I CAN CHECK OUT.
    Thank you so much for reading.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi, Rose, are you taking hemp oil or CBD oil? Two tablespoons of CBD is a very high dose. What you want to get is a full spectrum CBD oil. Hemp oil with some CBD isn’t going to be enough to help more severe issues, Also, for a hiatal hernia, you may want to talk to your doctor about surgery. For any kind of hernia, surgery is the best way to repair it.

  2. marlene donk

    CBD Oil works great for restless leg syndrome. You rub a little behind your knees once you start getting the tingling sensation and it goes away almost immediately. Someone had told me about it and I didn’t believe them, but I do now. It’s magical!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi, Marlene, thank you for your comment! I had never heard that before and that’s amazing. I’m glad to hear that CBD is helping you. It really is some amazing stuff.


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