CBD affects on Stress and Anxiety

Hey, today I’d like to share my experience with CBD on stress and anxiety levels. How CBD was able to benefit me and help my body remain calm. For some unknown reason I’ve never been able to deal with stress very well. I can function mentally in a stressful situation, but my body just breaks down. I get nauseous, tired, and feel like the energy is just drained from my body. Pretty much the same thing happens whenever I would have anxiety. Being in a large group of people doesn’t make me feel stressed or anxious, but I always get really tired after being around a lot of people. I’ve even gotten sick from it before. After socializing in a large group for an extended period of time I woke up the next day experiencing my first ulcer. That was a pretty horrible experience. Situations have always bothered my body more than they bother my mind. Even if I can keep my mind relaxed and clear my body can still be feeling stressed.

Before I started taking CBD oil this is how it was for me. I would get physically sick from things that shouldn’t even cause any problems. It was depressing feeling like my body just wouldn’t work right no matter what. Then I started taking CBD oil. This is another area where it helped changed my life

I began feeling much more relaxed and comfortable after starting CBD oil. I was able to go out and be around people without my body getting tense or sick. In a stressful situation I could tackle it without my body getting in the way of what I was trying to accomplish. It feels wonderful to be able to remain feeling calm and collected when your body would normally be flipping out.

I live in a large family of 8 people and it can be pretty stressful to live with so many people. It’s loud. There can be a lot of arguing, yelling, and laughing. As more of an introvert this can cause me to get stressed out. Sometimes just sitting around that many people makes me uncomfortable. This was another change that I noticed when I started taking CBD oil. I felt totally relaxed around my family. They could argue all day and I could feel just fine. It was amazing. I can now get interact with them all without getting overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

So, if you have issues with stress or anxiety, whether it’s work related or something in your personal life, CBD oil is a natural and healthy stress management option to consider. In my experience it is the best thing for dealing with stress. It also helps me sleep deeply which further combats issues with stress and gives me more energy during the day.

That’s what I’ve experienced so far with CBD oil on my stress and anxiety levels. It makes them almost non existent. Everything I do now I can do without worrying about getting stressed out or anxious.

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